Fimiston now known as the Super Pit. In the early days a camp developed in the heart of the Golden Mile, variously referred to as the "dirty acre", Brookmans, Brookman's Camp, Boulder Camp, and later the Boulder or Fimiston Block for the streets that accessed it from Kalgoorlie and Boulder. The first businesses and hotels at Boulder were established at the Block and served the miners, carpenters, riggers, blacksmiths, fitters, mechanics, enginemen, plumbers, and clerical staff whose tents and shacks clustered around the mines. There were six hotels, several stores including Fimister's, a bakery, hairdressing salon, shoe store, blacksmith, butcher, Hopkin's Exchange Mart, a brewery, the Miner's Hall that was also used as a school and church, and two surgeries.

The Boulder Block Hotel was on the corner of Beel and Contention streets in Fimiston, which is now in the Superpit. It was on the corner of what they use to refer to as the "Dirty Acre" as the block consisted of 5 Hotels as well as a brewery and a number of Brothels and associated shops. While mining the ground underneath the Boulder Block, one of the drives found its way into the hotel's cellar that meant the miners could climb up to the bar through the cellar from the mine.

Early stories say that this shaft was used by the miners of the day bringing up gold from underground to sell to the publican or anyone else prepared to take the risk, returning underground in time to knock off. In those days, miners were searched when they knocked off. 6 months hard labour if they were caught passing gold ore into the hotel.

Later, the Fimiston block housed many Southern European migrant workers and became the focus of the racial tensions that consumed the towns during the 1930s. Bond's company, Dallhold, purchased the block, which included the post office and fire station, in 1989 for 1.6 million dollars. The Boulder Block Hotel was demolished stone by stone and they were numbered as there was plans to rebuild it. So far it has not been rebuilt.

Photo is of the Fimiston Fire Station which was used by the Historical Society in the early days as their headquarters.

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